Engage. Expand. Explore


Because every business owner needs a reboot!

Join me and other business owners on an unforgettable journey packed with inspiration to take your business to the next level!

The Spark Creative Reboot Retreat will help you:

  • Expand and Reignite Your Vision for Yourself and Your Business
  • Shift Out of Limiting Beliefs and a Scarcity Mindset, into Greater Levels of Abundance
  • Explore a New Story of What is Possible for Your Life and Business
  • Get Out of Being Unstuck, and Feel New Levels of Inspiration and Creativity to Bring Back to Your Team and Clients
  • Increase Your Personal Leadership Capacities




Join me for a dynamic retreat specifically designed to enrich and reboot your life and your business. This trip to the mecca of French gastronomy will include a 5-night stay at a luxury hotel in the heart of Lyon; private tours of the most famous and historical sites in the city, including the Musée des Beaux Arts; a trip to an authentic Lyonese food hall sampling tour named after the famous French chef, Paul Bocuse; optional wine tasting in Beaujolais, a picturesque wine-producing region in the country outside of Lyon, and coaching sessions to help shift your vision for your business, along with many more memorable experiences!

Lyon Timeline and Itinerary

$5000 per individual
$9000 per couple*
*Payment plans are available.

ONE MONTH PRIOR TO RETREAT: We will have an afternoon “French Experience” to whet your appetite for French food, drink, and language with your fellow retreat participants.
– – – – –
DAY 1: Opening ceremony, Exploratory walking tour, Dinner
– – – – –
DAYS 2, 3 & 4: Dynamic and uplifting coaching sessions, Musée des Beaux Art Museum tour, Paul Bocuse Food Hall Tour, Optional Wine tasting and charcuterie in Beaujolais countryside, Group dinners, Personal reflective sightseeing outings.

– – – – –
DAYS 5 & 6: Opportunity to shop the French boutiques lining cobblestone streets, visit ancient Roman ruins and Renaissance structures, or take in a jazz club, (for those that want to hear a touch of home). Closing dinner ceremony followed the next day by breakfast/mid-day meal before flights home.
– – – – –
ONE MONTH AFTER RETREAT: Individual coaching session for reflection and implementation

What’s included:

  • 5-Night Stay at a Luxury Hotel
  • Group Coaching, Private Dinner, and French Lesson 1 Month Prior to Event
  • Two 2-Hour Group Coaching Sessions During Trip
  • Reflective Time for Implementation of Coaching Breakthroughs
  • Tours of Some of the Country’s Most Famous Fine Art
  • Optional Wine Tasting
  • Food Tour and/or Cooking Class
  • Tours of Beautiful Gardens and Historic Architecture
  • Group Dinners at some of Lyon’s Most Esteemed Restaurants
  • Surprise French Adventure!!!
  • One Post-Trip Individual Coaching Session for Implementation

*Does not include cost of airfare.

Space is limited and the retreat will sell out.

Please reach out if you are interested and we will schedule a call to share with you all the exciting details!

But, don’t just take it from me. Here are a few quotes from folks who attended last Fall:

“My favorite part about the retreat was getting to know the other people, and all growing together. And pushing myself creatively, but also pushing myself with cultural experiences.”

Marketing Business Owner

“The workshops were fantastic to really dig into our business, and get some great tools for us to take home, and liven up our businesses. “

Security Services Business Owner

“I think there were several things that came to me through this week… thinking about how I’m holding myself back with my own conversations. I’m going to talk to myself as a big business, and a growing business”
“I’m going to get much better at communicating with my team. I’m going to meet with my team at least once a week to brainstorm how we can improve and to help them feel like they’re part of the process too.”

Contracting Business Owner

“The whole lead up to seeing the statue of David, and Michaelangelo’s whole process, as he chipped away marble from what needs to be expressed, and I’m taking that away to apply to my business: Chipping away what needs to be removed to see more of where I want the business to go”

Web Services Business Owner

Email to reserve your spot!!

And let’s not forget all of the incredible fun and new experiences to be had!

“I’m a purse fiend, and I knew I was in trouble when I came here.”

“To be in the Chianti town where the chianti was made, and to learn some things about how it was made – that was spectacular

“It was my first time in Italy, and getting to experience the culture, the food, the beautiful scenery, the history…. I really enjoyed the tours,
and I can’t wait to come back”