Business Coaching

Business coaching provides the opportunity to develop a strategic blueprint for increased success. Results-based thinking can be overwhelming, and having a strategy plan that outlines actions and habits on the micro-level can lead to big growth – one step at a time.


As a strategic business coach, I can help you expand your client base, increase productivity, grow your revenue by 30-200% or more, develop executive presence, and feel more confident in all business endeavors.


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“Mary Jane immediately understood my demanding customers and unique offers as well as the deeper meaning of what I am doing. Her feedback on teh phone and via email was creative, spontaneous, thoughtful and well-founded. She goes into detail and keep an eye on the big picture. She is persistent without being pushy. Through her I have discovered new possibilities and accesses to the people I want to reach with my message.”-Dr. Jan Hendrik-Taubert, Financial Intermediary and Attorney


“I’m new to formal coaching, and Mary Jane made it very easy to ease into working together. I was very nervous and anxious because the coaching field is very wide and trust for me is hard. I mostly appreciated how Mary Jane really really listened. I appreciated and loved that we eased into the work, because it’s easy to jump ten steps ahead but what I needed was smaller steps to get to a larger goal. The action steps Mary Jane helped me around building leads- the “inch wide and mile deep” metaphor was very powerful, because I have a lot of different people in my network but being strategic about who to reach out to and helping me identify the simple and effective exercise was really neat and helpful.” – Jean P.