About Mary Jane

As a dedicated business strategist and coach, I will take the time to understand your business and pinpoint the areas that are blocking you from achieving your growth potential.

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I will provide strategies that take your business from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll start the process by developing a clear strategy and plan that I will build for you to advance your business from its current position to your end goal.

With a keen understanding of the complexities inherent to the entrepreneurial journey, I will provide systems and strategies that will help you experience peace of mind as you make steady progress toward your goals.

My skills and expertise come from years of experience in working with business owners and entrepreneurs who started right where you are today.

You will also receive support and accountability as you navigate potential changes to your business.

I will guide you through the intricacies of your entrepreneurial path whether you’re just starting out or are looking to pivot or add more products or services.

With laser focus on your clarity and purpose, I’ll work with you to craft a roadmap that aligns with your business vision and mission.

You’ll benefit from my unwavering support as well as a system of accountability designed to ensure your progress remains on track.

  •  I will begin with understanding your vision and "why" behind your business goals.
  • My expertise will be instrumental in identifying the roadblocks on your path and developing clear strategies for moving through to the other side.
  • I will provide you with practical tools every step of the way so you experience clarity and growth from the beginning of our coaching engagement. 

Through an emphasis on clarity and a laser-like focus on purpose, I will assist you in the creation of a tangible and actionable roadmap. This roadmap will be tailored to align with your specific business vision. You will have a clear and direct path toward your goals.