Why You Need To Take Bold Action In 2024

When I work with clients we talk about the importance of taking strategic action, the costs of inaction and why you need to take bold action in 2024.

The cost of inaction can take its toll on your business when you’re not living up to your own personal potential, the expectations you’ve set for yourself and the growth you know your business could experience. 

Look at the bottom line of the cost of inaction

Your bank account and sales numbers could illuminate the financial cost of inaction in your business and its profit potential. For some of my clients, seeing the black-and-white costs of inaction can spur you to action. 

The cost of inaction could be the impetus to jumpstart your Bold Action. 

Why You Need To Take Bold Action In 2024 

What is a Bold Action? 

  1. It is one that pushes you in the direction of one of your goals, even when you’re experiencing self-doubt or procrastination brought about by perfectionism.  
  2. One you take even when suffering analysis paralysis
  3. One that affirms a personal belief in yourself and the significance of the impact you make in the lives of your clients. 
  4. One that involves taking a calculated risk that moves you closer to your vision. 
  5. One that pushes you past uncertainty and fear of failure. 

To help move you forward and get out of the cycle of inaction, try these exercises to help you understand the benefits that come with taking a decisive action. 

  1. How will my bold action differentiate me from the crowd? 
  2. How will taking a calculated risk yield greater financial rewards? 
  3. What are the emotional benefits you will reap simply because you took a chance and overcame a limiting belief? 
  4. How would you feel when you know you’ve developed resilience and embraced true confidence in yourself and your abilities? 

Taking a Bold Action is both frightening and gratifying. Taking a Bold Action will push you to higher levels of growth. 

As a business owner and a leader you need to be able to take leaps of faith and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Take on something scary today and grow in ways you may not have imagined. 

Bold Action Stat: 

If you’re struggling to take these actions that push you to the next level, you’re not alone: 80% of people remain in their familiar routines and comfort zones and 20% of people are willing to take significant risks or make substantial changes. Do you want to be an 80% statistic or in the 20%?

Mary Jane Walsh is an international executive coach who helps her clients achieve breakthrough results. She has helped several companies reach their revenue growth goals, create strategic plans, secure new clients and build a strong pipeline, and so much more. She has extensive experience coaching professionals and companies across many industries, including wealth management firms, realtors, lenders, IT companies, marketing agencies, accountants. retail businesses, and so many more.

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