Group Coaching

Mary Jane Walsh has meticulously created a range of group coaching initiatives tailored to empower business owners and other professionals on their journey to elevated success.

Mary Jane has her unique, and proven, coaching process to the group dynamic where everyone involved will thrive and benefit. The participants receive a comprehensive program in a supportive environment that fosters a shared experience among peers.

During this 6-week group coaching program you’ll:

  1. How to find 1,000+ potential leads.
  2. Understand the 4 methods of selling,
  3. Master communicating your value.
  4. Tools to uncover and overcome objections.
  5. Tools to become a strong closer.
  6. Proven structure to increase your confidence and sales activity.

Sales Warrior groups meet weekly over the six weeks with a strong focus on education to develop high level sales strategies. Members are held to high levels of accountability by making ambitious targets at the beginning of the six weeks and committing to rigorous weekly action to achieve those goals. Sales Warriors are asked to get outside of their comfort zone during these six weeks and members who participate fully and commit to their weekly actions routinely surpass their goals.

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Business Growth Accelerator supports businesses and business owners can expect to:

  • Elevate and increase overall company revenue and achieve significant revenue milestones.
  • Develop and cultivate a robust pipeline.
  • Amplify referrals and word-of-mouth marketing efforts.
  • Enhance communication skills and effectiveness.
  • Harness and cultivate increased industry influence
  • Cultivate a resilient company culture
  • Elevate personal and team productivity.
  • Develop an executive presence.
  • Overcome burnout, overwhelm, paralysis and stagnation.
  • Improve leadership skills.
  • Form robust connections with fellow business owners.

Curriculum Encompasses Key Topics Such As:

  • Crafting a quarterly strategic plan.
  • Prioritization techniques and focusing on profit-generating actions.
  • Building and nurturing a dynamic sales funnel.
  • Leveraging the neuroscience of success to work in harmony with one's brain.


Mary Jane Walsh THRIVE’s Business Growth Accelerator is a dynamic group coaching program designed for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals seeking their next level of growth and success. By working with Mary Jane, participants hone strategic thinking skills, amplify leadership process and take precise, purposeful actions. The members in the group coaching program seize command of their individual growth trajectories that also meld with the company’s sales and growth goals. Participants undergo transformative changes in their businesses.

I think the  Business Growth Accelerator Group is a fantastic course... So valuable I am taking it a second time. Last year, in the early days of the pandemic, when lots of businesses were adrift, this course provided meaning and direction for my hazy head.

I was able to turn lemons into lemonade and end the year with my highest sales by far. The reason? My mind was open to what I could do. Mary Jane teaches business techniques, which are everyday necessities, they are invaluable for keeping on track, organized, accountable and more importantly, developing business. The atmosphere is professional but also a place where you share your business story. Members discuss their struggles and challenges and Mary Jane leads you through a process of finding a new perspective that produces positive results.

I highly recommend you take Business Growth Accelerator if you want to see more success.

Stephen Schrempp, Stephen Schrempp Insurance

I would highly recommend the Business Growth Accelerator group to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.  Over my thirty-plus-year career, I’ve taken countless classes, coaching sessions and leadership training programs that all had the same one-dimensional approach.  

The Business Growth Accelerator group was far more introspective with not only my business but also my personal life.  Helping to create clear and new strategies for my 123-year-old company to reach new heights.  With so many changes going on with conducting business today, staying one step ahead becomes increasingly difficult without the right tools that this group provides.

Even if you just need a refresher, this group will definitely help you and your team grow in sales and building relationships.

Larry Manshel, ITC CreativeBranding