About Me

My name is Mary Jane Walsh, and I’m a strategic business and life coach based in New Orleans. I help my clients achieve breakthrough results in both their professional and personal lives.

From 2000 to 2010, I struggled with a condition that limited my ability to communicate with others or participate fully in life. During this time, I began to find resources to coach myself through the healing process. As I healed from the condition, I sought out the best teachers, coaches and mentors I could find to help me develop my own strategy for personal, emotional, and financial growth. 


Now, I empower others to set meaningful goals for themselves and their businesses, while equipping them with the right strategies to reach them.


As a business coach, I can help you expand your client base, increase productivity, grow your revenue by 30-200% or more, develop executive presence, and feel more confident in all business endeavors.


As a life coach, I can help you reconnect with your purpose, identify new areas of interest, undertake significant life transitions, take more risks, and experience more fun.


In my leadership development and sales training workshops, I help entire teams reach their overall goals and work more effectively as a unit.


It is my passion to help all of my clients – from individuals to whole companies – experience growth and achieve big goals. I absolutely love what I do, and I bring my mission of inspired service to every one of my clients.


Ready to get started? Email me at maryjane@maryjanewalshthrive.com.